What is HDPE Liners

We in Samakan are one of the most trusted, authorized installer of HDPE geomembrane liners which are the most widely used leiners in the world and are used more commonly internatonally due to their availability and relatvely inexpensive material cost. HDPE liners are excellent for large applicatons that require UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installatons. Our team consists of highly qualifed technicians, project managers and master seamers, each with around 10 years of experience in constructon and Geosythetcs

HDPE Liners Benefts:

HDPE Lining materials are a cost efectve choice for exposed lining projects because the geomembrane is UV stable and requires no soil
cover. This product has been used in landflls, WWT lagoons, Oil felds and mining applicatons due to its high chemical resistance. HDPE
geomembrane can be bonded via a wedge weld or fusion weld to create a strong and seamless system. The range in available thicknesses, from 40 mil to 120 mil,allow the technology to suit many applicatons.