If you’re looking for the best piling solution for your construction project and you want to work with a successful piling subcontractor you can trust, you’ve found the right people.

Samakan is one of the Iraq premier multi-disciplined piling specialists, providing bespoke design and installation services across every aspect of the civil engineering industry.

We have the proven track record and experience to undertake any piling project, offering a range of stand￾ alone or integrated services to create and transform a design into reality.

Sheet piling solutions:
We can offer a choice of installation techniques, specifically selected according to your project’s requirements, coupled with the engineering challenges of the job. They range from conventional driving equipment and telescopic leader rigs to state-of-the￾ art silent and vibration-free piling Giken technology. Our diverse fleet of specialist plant and equipment enables us to install sheet piles into any ground condition, up to and including hard rock.
Our sheet piles can be hired and/or bought to meet the specific commercial and environmental needs of your project. we can react with speed to any urgent or emergency piling situation. Whatever the scale of your project, large or small – we have the capacity and capability to deliver.

Bored piling solutions:
Bored piling is a method of construction which utilises reinforced concrete piles to support high buildings bearing heavy vertical loads. Bored piling can be applied to a wide range of ground conditions and is often used to overcome unstable or difficult soil strata.
We have rigs which can install secant piled or contiguous piled walls within 100 mm of an adjacent structure. This is particularly of interest to basement schemes where every square foot of extra space adds value to the client. These rigs can work in any strength of soils and after the retaining walls are installed can also drill the foundation piles for the project.